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LAX abolished 30-day free parking policy for electric vehicles

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) has announced that it will end the good day for California's most encouraging EV incentive - 30-day free parking! Previously, Los Angeles International Airport had two free parking lots in designated locations. Customers using electric cars could park for up to 30 days. According to the latest leaflets distributed to drivers, the policy will end on March 1 and will restore parking fees of 30 US dollars per day - but still provide free charging service! For LAX's move, the Wall Street Journal made it clear that it hurts and cracked down on regular customers who bought electric cars for this purpose, and this will not be welcomed by electric car manufacturers. Although California has incentives including allowing certain electric vehicles to be in the form of HOV lanes, which is also an element that has been driving sales of electric vehicles - the total sales of electric vehicles in the southern United States accounted for More than one quarter of the United States still needs more. Because there are only 38 charging points in total, the contradiction between congestion of the pure electric vehicle and the hybrid car owner, and the positional competition between them have caused the LAX that launched the incentive policy to be quite a headache. A Nissan Leaf owner told the Wall Street Journal: "I like it, but they (LAX) need some form of (regulatory) system, and it may be feasible to have a valet to move."

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